Have you as a believer ever heard a message on the END TIMES which you know in your heart is the TRUTH? ...the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Since becoming a believer in 1976 I have listened to possibly hundreds of messages and teachings and read numerous books and watched quite a few movies about what the end times will be. However ALL of these have seemed in my heart to miss the truth of the scriptures and leave more questions than they ever answered.


After being challenged one day about 6 months ago I started on a quest to unwind the false assumptions and confusing morass of half truths on which my understanding was based. I then examined all the scriptures I knew about the end times.

And then I read some history...The Wars of the Jews by Flavius Josephus.....and spent a couple of months looking into the alternate views of eschatology (from well respected proponents rather than from their opponents only)

And then slowly but steadily came the LIGHT and REST which only TRUTH brings to the heart of a believer.


So where do we start?

It is important to realise that a whole range of topics are intricately interwoven to form the complete picture that constitutes the end times. These topics include death, hell or hades, the Day of the Lord, the end of the age, the coming of the Lord, the resurrection, judgment and the rewards. It is also important to realise that there are numerous passages all the way from Genesis to Revelations which build the picture a bit like a 1000 piece puzzle.

The vast majority of believers do not read the Old Testament to understand the context of the passages that Jesus and the apostles referred to about what was to occur as part of the end times, wrongly assuming that the New Testament gives us the full picture.


The framework must address all these topics individually...and also show how they are interwoven as part of the plan of God revealed throughout the bible.


I would suggest that the beginning is the only appropriate place to start....


51. Were men and women created as eternal beings? Do we have to do something to get eternal life or do we all have it already?

52. Where do we go when we die? Is this different for the new testament believer who is joined to Christ?

53. Is there a Hell which is a place of eternal torment for ALL who do not believe?

54. Is there going to be an END of the WORLD?

55. What are the ages which the scriptures speak of as ages past, this present age and the age to come?

56. What about all the scriptural references to the END of the age being IMMINENT  or near, at hand, soon and in 'this generation'? 

57. Who do the scriptures say would be judged at the end of the age?

58. What does the 'day of the Lord' or the tribulation refer to?

59. What does the destruction of the temple in AD 70 demonstrate about God's judgment?

60. What was the timing for the second coming of Jesus on the clouds and the reason for it?

61. What was the timing of the resurrection of the dead?

62. When does the judgment of the sheep and the goats or wheat and tares happen?

63. When will ALL THINGS which are spoken of in the Law and the Prophets concerning Jesus be fulfilled?

64. How should we then LIVE our lives?


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